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About Hana Aviation Services

Who We Are... Global Hana Aviation Services Chairman

Since it's foundation at 2008, Global Hana Aviation Services is considered an aviation services leader in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The company is committed to aviation Excellence by the provision of the know how and transferring it to the aviation personnel and hence participates in the international efforts to enhance global flight safety.

Our Professional team offers the following aviation courses:

  1. Integrated ATPL Programme
  2. Modular ATPL Programme
  3. The PPL (Private Pilot License) for Light Sports Aircraft Programme

We are proud to support many private companies, government Aviation Academies and private Aviation Academies to enhance and widen their aviation services capacity. We are pioneers at paving your pathway to becoming a professional pilot with the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate namely the ATPL.

Global Hana Aviation Services, due to it's strong foundation in Europe, it widened it's scope to include academic education like medicine and engineering...etc. in Croatia and Georgia besides aviation.

Global Hana Aviation Services aims at opening new horizons to our youth by offering them the best educational services in Croatia and Georgia. We are dedicated to providing innovative services in education abroad by being partners with the most respected universities and providing all kinds of academic services to all the students who aspire to complete their studies and are seeking a brighter future.

Global Hana Aviation Services is also the Sole agent of:

  • Shaft d.o.o. flying Academy & Rotax Engine - Osijek - Croatia
  • Apollo light Aircraft Factory Eger city - Hungary(http://www.halley.hu/)
  • Keitek light Aircraft Factory - Italy - Polaris light aircraft factory - Italy (http://www.keitek.com/)
  • Aeros light aircraft Factory - Kiev - Ukraine (http://www.aeros.com.ua/)

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Our Mission... Global Hana Aviation Services Mission

1- Global Hana Aviation Services plays an integral part in aviation safety by providing competent and professional services that comply with the International standards.
Our services are provided with integrity that is customer-focused giving special consideration to safety of aviation industry. We provide solutions to stakeholders that meet mandatory EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) requirements.

2- Global Hana Aviation Services practically tackles one of Egypt's most serious problems that affect every Egyptian house in an extraordinary way. Finally, your grade at the general certificate of education (Thanaweya Amma), IGCSE, American diploma or any of their equivalents is NOT going to stand between you and your dream career...
We create a world of degree opportunities by working with students and their parents, as well as our respected university partners to act as your gateway to study at the best universities in two of the most promising lands in the world namely Croatia and Georgia.

Each year, we guide students towards an exciting future that fulfills their dreams. If you're looking to complete your education in internationally recognized universities in new land or want to start a career as a professional pilot, "Global Hanna aviation Services" is the place for you.

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Global Hana Aviation Services Vision

Our Vision...

Global Hana Aviation Services aims at being a recognized Global leader in Aviation training and services through excellent training, qualified experts and advanced facilities to improve pilot quality to meet the highest international standards.

We also strive to provide our students with the best Educational opportunities worldwide to achieve their dreams and internationally prove their capabilities and hence build a generation we are proud of.

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Global Hana Aviation Services Values

Our Values...

Our kids deserve a chance to pursue their dreams...That's why we are keen on offering them the best possible education in Croatian and Georgian universities. Global Hanna Aviation Services will be there for them every step of the way through our representatives in our partner universities till they achieve their dream.

We believe that Sustained Organisational growth is achieved through building effective customer relationships. We value Integrity, Cost effective Professional service, Confidentiality, Openness and Sincerity.

We believe in what we do that's why we are committed to contributing positively to our society and to a sustainable future.

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Why Hana... Why Global Hana Aviation Services

1- Carve your future
Earn internationally accredited degrees which will grant you lifetime skills and top-class job opportunities, we help our students earn degrees from prestigious universities based in Croatia and Georgia.

2- Outstanding variety of Options
We offer many study options, designed to help you gain a degree from a top university. We help you discover your best educational route and walk you through it till you achieve your degree in the field you want.

3- Explore...Learn...Enjoy...
We transform learning into a life changing experience. You are not just learning academically to achieve a degree, you are actually exploring a new very promising land and hence gaining priceless experiences and so the whole process becomes a life changing experience. From the moment you learn to say 'hello' in a foreign language to making new friends to eating exciting new foods to actually be immersed in new cultures. This process is bound to boost your confidence, teach you self-reliance and stretch the parameters of your comfort zone.

4- We are always with you...
Global Hana Aviation Services aims at opening new horizons, however we are there with you every step of the way from helping to prepare the papers required to register in our partner universities to reserving you accommodation to renewing your stay to any other need you may have...we are there for you whether in Georgia or Croatia through our branches there.

5- Our Partners...Our Pride
Global Hana Aviation Services chose some of the best universities in Croatia and Georgia namely:

  • The University of Zagreb the oldest Croatian university and also the oldest university in South East Europe and its Department of Aeronautics that aims at sustainable development, artistic creativity and professional work.
  • New Vision University which is expected to be the fastest developing and the most international University in the region.


What we Offer

Global Hanna Aviation Services offers a wide variety of services which can divided into 3 major parts which are:
1- Educational Services

  • Giving our youth the chance to pursue their dream. They can study abroad in Croatia or Georgia's top universities in various academic majors without being held back by their grades.
  • Providing full training to our youth in Croatia or Georgia's top aviation universities till they acquire their ATPL which is the highest licence a pilot can obtain. It allows the holder to act as the Pilot in Command (PIC), or Captain of a large transport aircraft all according to EASA standards.

2- Aviation Services
Global Hana Aviation services company provides the most comprehensive portfolio of aviation services that ensure high standards of quality, safety and customer satisfaction. These services include:
  • We are the certified agent for a number of large aircraft factories certified in Europe such as:
    1. Shaft d.o.o. flying Academy & Rotax Engine - Osijek - Croatia
    2. Apollo light Aircraft Factory Eger city - Hungary(http://www.halley.hu/)
    3. Keitek light Aircraft Factory - Italy - Polaris light aircraft factory - Italy (http://www.keitek.com/)
    4. Aeros light aircraft Factory - Kiev - Ukraine (http://www.aeros.com.ua/)
  • We offer the capability of buying/selling light and light sport aircraft
  • We provide all after sales services such as :
    1. Maintenance
    2. Technical support
    3. Training
    4. Spare parts provision
  • Providing Aviation clubs with all their requirements of aircrafts, experts as well as the trained staff.
  • Aeroplane Licensing including preparation of all the legal documents and making all the required steps to license the aeroplane.
  • Performing all the required steps for aviation companies' incorporation.
  • Performing all necessary steps for setting up your company in England, Croatia and Georgia.

    We offer all the services related to the setting up of the company or subsidiaries and business start-ups in Croatia. Our long experience with mediation in establishing the company guarantees top quality at an affordable price.

3- Travel and Camping Services

  • Global Hana Aviation Services offers an outstanding collection of handcrafted Luxury Tours in Croatia and Georgia.
  • Organizing summer camps for boys and girls in Croatia and Georgia. Our camps offer a variety of activities and programs for all ages and interests including tours, cultural exchange and entertainment flights besides motivational certificates and prizes. A comfortable and safe stay of your children is guaranteed by a team of qualified teachers, art trainers, sports coaches and instructors. All this is offered at competitive prices.
  • Organizing Parents visits to Georgia and Croatia in case they want to visit their kids who are studying at any of our partner universities.

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Partner Universities
Zagreb University Logo

University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb was founded on September 23, 1669 that's why it is considered Croatia's oldest university.The University of Zagreb is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe.
For more information about the university and it's faculties click here

Zagreb University Logo - Aeronautics

University of Zagreb

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Division of Aeronautics

The study is primarily oriented towards air traffic, transport and flight, and aeroplane and airspace exploitation. Through undergraduate study programmes (modules) certified by Croatian and European aeronautical authorities, students are trained as pilots and air traffic controllers.
For more information about the university and it's faculties click here

New Vision University Logo

New Vision University

New Vision University (NVU) is a private non- profit university founded 2013 in Tbilisi (Georgia) having the ambition to be the fastest developing and the most international University in the region. Out of 500 students enrolled for 2015-2016 academic year, 75% are international students, representing more than 20 countries worldwide.
For more information about the university and it's faculties click here

Hana is looking forward to increasing the number of it's distinguished partner universities so that we can give our students more options..
so expect more to come...
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Life in Croatia

Life in Croatia

With over 1,000 islands, sensational music festivals, and a spectacular rocky coast washed by the cleanest Mediterranean seas, Croatia is a dreamy summer destination, yet its unspoilt nature, dynamic cultural scene, and priceless architectural marvels can be enjoyed no matter the season.

What to visit in Croatia depends on your specific tastes and interests, as this fascinating, unique and sophisticated nation on the Adriatic has everything you could ask for.

Economically, as the youngest member of the European Union (since 2013), the country is striving to increase its competitiveness to keep pace with other economies in the large EU market and maximise the opportunities that membership brings, especially the absorption of a large amount of EU Structural Funds-8.6 billion Euros from the 2014-2020 budget.

For more information about Life in Croatia click here
image 4

Life in Georgia

Life in Georgia

The CNN reported:
"Out on the fringes of Europe, the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is a country shrouded in mystery.

Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and dry deserts to the south, this small country, which borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, is not only a crossroads of cultures, but has a wealth of spectacular landscapes.

Until recently, many would have struggled to place the country of Georgia on the map (or at least mistake it for the U.S. state of the same name), but it's quickly becoming one of Europe's hottest new destinations."

For more information about Life in Georgia click here

Aviation Courses

Integrated ATPL Program

Course Overview
The integrated version of the ATPL course is based on principle that all parts of this programme are continuously following one after the other to build step by step the overall knowledge and skills of the student.

Course Duration
The whole training program that we would be in charge of executing (CPL/ME/IR/MCC with ATPL "frozen" theory), is planned to be completed in a period of 18 months, with standard student performance. The maximum duration of the training would be set at 24 months, but we foresee this scenario to be the case of only regarding substandard student performance. So, the majority of the students should be ready within 18 months from the start of their training.

Course Details
The Course is divided into two Main parts:

  • Theoretical Training
  • Flight (Practical) Training

Theoretical Training

  • Minimum 275 hours of classroom lectures,
  • 200 hours of supervised CBT (Computer Based Training) using Jeppesen eAcademy software
  • 275 hours of mentorship/consultation studies.
    Making the total hours for theoretical training = 750 hours

Jeppesen eAcademy software has all the literature for ATPL theory required and a most recent CQB (Central Question Bank), for self-testing, self-study and exam preparation, with the whole process supervised and statistically documented, for CTKI control and process documentation. The license for eAcademy would be valid for 18 months, in regard to frequent updates of the updates of theory and CQB (pertaining to the latest changes in EASA regulation and CQB database), but all the data stays available, without further updates after expiry.

Flight Training
The students would follow the following steps:
Step 1: 71:00 hours of SEP VFR training (phases I, II and III) on Diamond Aircraft DA/DV 20 training aircraft.
Step 2: Night VFR training of 4:00 hours on Diamond Aircraft DA 40 training aircraft.
Step 3: FNPT II (sim) training on Elite S923C certified FNTP II/SEP (programs A, B and C) lasting 28:15 hours.
Step 4: SEP IFR training for 52:00 hours on Diamond Aircraft DA 40 training aircraft (starting with conventional instrumentation and followed by training on Garmin G1000 equipped aircraft).
Step 5: Training on FNPT II (sim) training on Elite S923P certified FNPT II/MEP (program C/ME) lasting 11:45 hours.
Step 6: A phase of MEP VFR training on Diamond Aircraft DA 42 training aircraft in duration of 5:00 hours.
Step 7: MEP IFR training on Diamond Aircraft DA 42 (Garmin G1000 equipped) training aircraft for 5:00 hours.
Step 8: The last phase of flight training is the night route training on Diamond Aircraft DA 42 (Garmin G1000 equipped) training aircraft, lasting 1:00 hour.
Step 9: This would be followed by progress check of 2:00 hours on the same aircraft.
Step 10: The last module in the training process is MCC training lasting 15:00 hours on Elite S923B certified FNPT II/MCC.

The total flight training time would be 195:00 hours divided as follows:

  • 140:00 on aircraft and
  • 55:00 on FNPT II/MCC.

Integral part of flight training is the ground school/practical theory lessons and testing, progress checks that would precede every phase of training and would be executed by certified Flight Instructors, for every phase of training.

Flight kit, software and gear
The students would receive the following items, that are included in the training price and they would retain them following training completion, as their personal property:

  • Jeppesen eAcademy ATPL (A) supervised CBT Training System license
  • Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck VFR license (to be activated on request during training)
  • Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck IFR license (to be activated on request during training)
  • Jeppesen Student CSG (E6-B) calculator
  • Jeppesen PN -1 Navigation Plotter
  • Jeppesen Book/Student Bag
  • Jeppesen Professional European Pilot Logbook
  • Apple iPad mini
  • Sennheiser headset (or equivalent)
  • Designed for pilots iPad mini kneeboard
  • Uniform set (to be specified in detail at a later date)
This is the standard that will enable us to promote high standards and quality of training provided from our side. Our aim would also be to transition to mono-fleet, using only DA 40 aircraft for SEP training, as soon as possible (within a year, if possible), making the transition for students easier, increasing the quality of training even further and making the logistics simpler. The DA 40 and DA 42 cockpits are compatible already. We have also acquired Jeppesen CBT software for transition training to Garmin G1000 avionics systems that is to be utilized as part of our training program.

Modular ATPL Program

Course Overview
The modular ATPL programme is designed as a chosen sub-set of the integrated modules. You choose the module that best fits your requirements and hence enables to adjust the training programme exactly to the specific needs of the individual customer.

What are the benefits of Modular ATPL Programme?

  • You train at YOUR own pace
  • You train when it suits YOU
  • NO money up front, Pay as you go

Course Duration
Unlimited based on the student's chosen module and continuity is NOT a must.

The Modules include

  1. PPL(A)= Private Pilot Licence followed by Mentored Experience Time Building
  2. Night Rating
  3. IR(Instrument Rating) Course
  4. MEP (Multi-engine propeller a/c) Course
  5. MEP/IR Course
  6. CPL(A)= Commercial Pilot Licence


The Course DOES NOT require ANY prior knowledge about flying.
The Course includes

  • Reception of students at the airport, transport to their hotel, lunch/dinner (based on time of arrival).

  • All transportation during the course between the training airport and the hotel + Tour guide for daily trips and shopping +weekend trips in the most spectacular locations including historical locations and nature reserves.

  • Training starts from the second day of arrival to start the theoretical part of the course and Aviation Introduction Flight for the students and their escorts to get acquainted with flying.

  • The student learns the theoretical and practical parts of the course + course material & equipment + the required exams until achieving an EASA pilot license.

  • Pilot log book with flying hours stamped from the civil aviation authority.

  • Total flight hours in this course are 20 up to 30 depending on aircraft type.

  • Accommodation (B.B. + 24 h free WIFI+ other facilities like Gym, Sauna and Jacuzzi).

  • Extra flying hours is available upon request (150 euros). These extra hours will also be written in the pilots log book and stamped from the civil aviation authority. If the candidate want to make a touristic flight and, if required, the flight can be video recorded the price will be 250 euros.

  • Competition license which allows you to join any events or competitions anywhere with your aircraft type.

  • After taking the course with Global Hana Aviation the student will enjoy a 50% discount on any extra flying hours whenever he wants.

  • Free membership with Global Hana Aviation team.

  • Having your EASA Pilot license enables the student to fly in any aviation club in his country or ANY other country in the world.

  • All the course practical parts are given in (CEPIN Airport Croatia) which Global Hana Aviation has its exclusive usage right for 20 years.

  • The student has the option of concentrated training according to his request so that he can finish within 2 weeks to a full month. The student can even buy a plane through Global Hana Aviation Services.

  • After finishing the course, a big celebration is done to deliver the certificates and the pilot license. Transportation to the airport for departure for the students and their escorts wishing them a safe journey.

Course Benefits

  • Being a certified Aviation company in Europe, if you are already a pilot, you can add this type to your license. If you are not a pilot, you will be able to issue a (UL) pilot license.

  • If you are a pilot and want to convert your license to EASA, you are allowed to do that provided you have a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

  • After taking the course with Global Hana Aviation, you can change your job in your national ID.

  • The license issued to you by Global Hana Aviation Services is EASA pilot License, this will allow you to fly this type of aircraft in ANY airport Worldwide

  • Our instructors can recommend distinguished students to work as an instructor which means he will be given extra flying hours to advance to the professional level that enables him to be a member in our instructors team.

  • You will join the Croatian International aero club for 2 years and your name will be published online in the Croatian International aero club official website.

Course Fees
Total cost is 7990 euros for the student, 1200 euros for the escort for 2 weeks and 2400 euros for the escort for a whole month.

Flight Dispatcher Program

Course Description
Jeppesen and the Georgian Aviation University have partnered to offer an EASA Ground School for Dispatch. Dispatch training is designed to provide the foundation and skills needed to become an effective airline flight operations officer. Training consists of at least 297 hours of Flight Dispatcher theoretical related training, followed by testing. The minimum training course length is 15 weeks, in a blended environment.

The Jeppesen and Georgian Aviation University Flight Dispatcher training program is endorsed by the Georgian CAA for Phase 1 training. This course also provides International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO Flight Dispatcher training in compliance with Phase 1 of Doc 7192 D3.

Program Contents
Flight Dispatcher Phase 1 training program consists of:

  • Screening (optional)

  • Flight Dispatcher Theoretical Training

  • Flight Dispatcher Testing

Graduates will receive a certificate jointly issued by Jeppesen and the Aviation University of Georgia for Flight Dispatcher Phase 1. After Phase 2 (on the job training) is complete candidates are eligible for the Flight Dispatcher Certificate.

Theoretical Training Syllabus
The first twelve (12) weeks of the program will be delivered utilizing the Jeppesen online Virtual Learning Program (VLP). The VLP eLearning environment consists of 3-D classroom settings and a virtual dispatch center and interactive student avatars with webcam and Voice over IP to deliver a fun and fully engaging eLearning solution. The last three (3) weeks of the course will be on location in Tbilisi, Georgia. This combination of online and traditional on-site classroom training provides students with the most travel convenience and cost effective means to instructor led training.

Program Syllabus
Flight Dispatcher Phase 1 training program consists of:

  • 010 Air Law
  • 021 Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 031 Mass & Balance
  • 032 Performance
  • 040 Human Performance
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 090 Communications
  • 033 Flight Planning
  • 061 GNAV
  • 62 RNAV
  • 070 Operational Procedures
  • 081 Principles of Flight
  • Testing

Students will obtain proficiency in subjects such as; meteorology, emergency, security, communications, air traffic control, navigation principles & systems, approach procedures, charts and airspace, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, performance, extended range operations, terrain driftdown, weight and balance, minimum equipment procedures, international operations and regulations, icing, manual flight planning, fuel conservation strategies, dispatcher resource management, and practical dispatching.

Students will also learn the duties and responsibilities of a flight operations officer, along with local and international regulations so they can quickly become effective assets to any airline operations control environment.

The EASA Flight Dispatcher Training course consists of a twelve (12) week online program followed by a three (3) week classroom program held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The EASA Flight Dispatcher Training course is offered at 3,759 Euros.

The Jeppesen Virtual Learning Program (VLP) consists of regularly scheduled live instructor led classes held over the internet, combined with independent study and regular interval testing. The VLP environment is not computer based training, as all online classes are the same instructor led programs as experienced in our traditional on-site classrooms. The VLP environment has both classroom settings and a virtual Operations Control Center. VLP students are held to the same standards as our traditional classrooms by way of mandatory interaction with instructors using webcams, 3-D avatars, and Voice over IP.


  • Equipment Required:
    Updated computer with high speed internet connection, headset with audio capability, and webcam for student identification. To test your equipment compatibility please follow the steps outlined in the VLP Registration document.

  • Students Responsibilities:
    Students must be visible and interactive via webcam, audio, and text chat during all class times. By registering students agree to all detailed VLP Code of Conduct and VLP Student Responsibilities. Jeppesen does not provide computer or internet based troubleshooting assistance. Students with technical or connectivity based issues will be counted as absent for each class and will need to schedule one-on-one remedial training (private proctoring fees may apply).

For the live class portion of training students are responsible for arranging and paying travel, accommodations, board, and local transportation.

Our exclusive agent in the United Arab Emirates


Pr. Ahmed Lotfy

   Tel: 00971556200244
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   Svete Ane 74/A-Osijek 31000 - Croatia
   Tel: +385994053010
   Email: [email protected]
   Website: www.hana-air.com

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